BS 1139 Scaffolding Tube Technical Data


Carbon ≤0.20
Silicon ≤0.30
Phosphorus ≤0.05
Sulphur ≤0.05
Nitrogen ≤0.009


Mechanical Property

Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 ≥340; <480
Yield stress ReH N/mm2 ≥235
Elongation A   ≥24%
(on Lo = 5.65√So)ª


Nominal dimensions, mass and tolerances for tubes

Tube Nominal values "Type 4.0" Tolerances
Wall thickness 4.0mm -10.0%
Outside diameter(including ovality) 48.3mm ±0.5mm
Inside diameter 40.3mm -2.6mm
Mass, single tube 4.37kg/m +12.0%; -8.0%
Mass, batches of tubes(10 tonnes or more) 4.37kg/m ±7.5%
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