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Automatic production of spiral welding seam

Spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe forming and welding as shown in Figure 1 after the steel plate flattened, twisted, forming change into a spiral weld, the steel plate after welding through welding, and then after welding, Shaped pipe in the implementation of welding process, due to changes in the formation of the difference, the need for the implementation of the welding process in real-time weld tracking and penetration adjustment to meet the welding quality requirements.

Cause 1 in the brazing biased

Plate horizontal movement: strip in the process of progress by a variety of uneven resistance, is bound to produce horizontal string of soul plate lateral movement caused by the axial movement of solder joints produce welding bias.

"Bridge" swing angle: spiral submerged arc welded pipe in the production process, in order to ensure the gap between the two sides of the board, so that the internal welding stability to the regular production of the spiral pipe to the molding point as the center of the swing, "swing angle. "Bridge" swing angle to the weld position occurred in the axial movement to produce welding bias.

Conduit wear: welding conductive mouth, as long as the conductive wear. The welding wire is fed in the horizontal direction. Perpendicular to the board edge welding, so that the wear of the conductive mouth is more serious. The wear of the contact tip is bound to change the solder joint, so that the welding seam appears as shown in Figure 1 (b), the wire length of the wire is 20-30mm, so that the smaller wear of the contact tip will cause the solder joint to be large This is a problem that can not be ignored, and it is also the main reason for the failure of the past. In the past, most of the white-action tracking was only considered the factors of the horizontal movement of the plate, with the monitoring board to control the welding head to track, it is only "point tracking and the so-called seam white dynamic tracking, should be achieved Welding wire on the seam tracking only in order to achieve the purpose of tracking, it will not appear welding bias.

2 penetration inconsistent reasons

The reason for the inconsistency of the penetration is mainly the change of the gap of the workpiece weld. When the gap of the weld is large, the workpiece will soon penetrate. If the welding current is not timely, the welding workpiece will easily cause the burner. Very small, welding parts melt penetration can not meet the requirements, if not timely increase the current, there may be welding defects, especially the emergence of welding with a tight seam, the current is small, it is likely to "loose" Quality accidents Another "opposite", due to changes in the thickness of the weld, will produce a serious inconsistency of penetration

Principle 3 manual adjustment

At present, most of the spiral submerged arc welding pipe manufacturers within the weld tracking and penetration control are used to observe the human eye to determine the human brain to manually adjust the method into the fT manual tracking is to make the weld within the red line alignment slit, Of the red line is usually in the low light can be clearly seen, and slit is always in the maximum temperature field changes as long as

Observe the slit and red line is not the same position, through the internal welding mechanism to adjust, so that the weld and the red line has always been recollected through the welding of the workpiece surface temperature field brightness changes to achieve, when the back brightness increased significantly When the backside brightness becomes dark, increase the welding current (wire feed speed Fig. 2 is the temperature field thermal image during the welding process in the spiral pipe seam taken by the temperature field dynamic detection system, Figure 2 (b) - (d) is a thermal image that is continuously photographed when the weld is deviated and fouled over, due to the need to simultaneously adjust the torch and the thermal image Welding current, manual adjustment difficult to cause the burner from the manual adjustment method can be seen that the so-called slit position is actually the largest change in the temperature field where the red line is actually the temperature field transverse distribution curve of the maximum, which is based on welding The temperature field distribution of the weld tracking and penetration control of the idea is the same.Therefore, the author of the system applied to spiral submerged arc welding, and achieved the desired results, the collaborative evaluation of the unit and The actual production.

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