BS1139 Scaffolding Tube

(1) heavy scaffolding should have a clear understanding of the general if the floor thickness of more than 300mm, it should be considered in accordance with the design of heavy scaffolding, scaffolding load more than 15KN / mm2, should organize experts to distinguish those parts of the steel pipe length change Bearing the impact of a larger, for the template bracket should consider the upper free length a should not be too long, generally less than 500mm is appropriate (in the new specification may be revised), pole calculation is generally the last step and the bottom step of the largest force, Should be used as the main calculation point. When the carrying capacity of dissatisfaction group requirements should increase the pole to reduce the pace.

(2) the current domestic scaffolding ubiquitous steel pipe, fasteners, jacking and the end of the material quality and other substandard, the actual construction of the theoretical calculation did not take into account the construction of the sweeping pole is missing, vertical and horizontal junctions are not connected, Distance is too large or too small; scaffold board out, the thickness is not enough, lap did not meet the specifications; large template to remove the thick inside the pole and the wall between the anti-fall network; scissors in the plane is not continuous; Brackets; scaffold under the small cross bar spacing is too large; even the wall pieces are not inside and outside the rigid connection; guard railings spacing greater than 600mm; fastener connection is not tight, fastener slip and so on.

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