Common spiral pipe processing methods, preservation methods

First, the spiral pipe thermal expansion method
Bulging method
One is placed in the tube of rubber, the top with a punch compression, so that the pipe protruding forming; the other method is hydraulic bulge forming, the middle of the tube filled with liquid, the liquid pressure drum into the desired shape, the bellows Most of the production is using this method.
2 forging method
With a forging machine to be part of the end of the pipe to punch, so that the outer diameter to reduce the commonly used forging machine rotary, connecting rod, roller type.
3. Bending forming method
There are three methods are more commonly used, a method called extension method, the other method is called stamping method, the third wheel method, there are 3-4 rolls, two fixed rolls, a roll adjustment, fixed roll distance, finished tube It is curved.
4 stamping method
Use a tapered core on the punch to expand the tube end to the required size and shape.
5 rolling method
Generally not mandrel, suitable for thick-walled tube inside the round.
6 wheel method
Core placed in the tube, the outer wheel with a push, for round edge processing.
Second, spiral pipe corrosion method
This type of steel pipe is often said that the corrosion of spiral steel pipe, this method of processing is the surface of the spiral steel pipe and the inner layer coated with chemical coating, a common anti-corrosion form 3pe anti-corrosion, epoxy corrosion, cement mortar corrosion, ipn8710 anti-corrosion , The biggest purpose of this processing method is to extend the life of the pipeline.

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