Control of Residual Height of Welds in Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipes

Submerged arc welded pipe welds are butt joint welds. If you do not control the weld height and corner radius, the stress at the weld toe is so great that the welded pipe is in service, especially in corrosive media such as H2S aqueous solution. , seawater, marine atmosphere, etc., easy to produce stress corrosion cracks at the weld toe.
In the process of forming and welding, the welded pipe inevitably generates residual stress, so the residual stress is eliminated after the pipe blank is formed and welded. The expansion can eliminate the residual stress, but the residual stress is difficult to eliminate completely, and the residual stress at the weld toe cannot be eliminated. In order to prevent stress corrosion cracking at the weld toe, it is necessary to control the residual stress during molding and welding, especially the residual stress at the weld toe.

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