Detecting how quality spiral steel

Spiral steel pipe is a kind of pipe which is welded by ordinary temperature extrusion by automatic double wire double-side submerged arc welding process, and it has been widely used in life, and it has been widely used. Steel coil, in the selection of materials to pay attention to the quality of the situation, the choice of high-quality materials for the production of spiral steel pipe in order to ensure the quality of steel and work performance, in the processing of production, to strip head and tail docking, the use of monofilament or double Wire buried soldering, rolled into steel pipe after the use of welding technology, of course, we should also pay attention to the use of spiral steel pipe product quality testing, which is a particularly important work, from the surface can be judged, this is a The important content of the finished product inspection can be seen from the surface of the weld defects and the size of the deviation phenomenon, of course, can also use magnifying glass, gauge and other tools for testing.We can according to the quality of spiral steel pipe inspection results are divided into three categories, Rework and waste, and only to meet the quality requirements of the spiral steel pipe will be recognized by people in the use of the time can also have a good quality, not Malfunction.

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