ERW pipe pressure test notes

In the hydrostatic test of ERW steel pipe, it is often found that the bursting opening breaks from the weld of the ERW pipe, which indicates that the strength of the weld site is lower than that of the base metal. Through experimental analysis, it has been found that if an internal scratch groove is formed on the inner surface of the steel pipe during the removal of the burr in the weld, the wall thickness of the sample at the weld site is reduced. In the tensile test, the sample is easily broken from this point. .
The water pressure test of the water supply pipeline is the means for the final quality assessment of the ERW steel pipe laying. Generally, we have two requirements for the work of the hydrostatic pressure test: First, it must be able to accurately reflect the leakage of the pipeline; second is the pressure test. There is no problem, nor can the interface suffer damage due to pressure test. Instead, it will affect the quality of the project, or rework to retry, resulting in waste, and even no personal safety accident.
In addition, when the weld seam tensile test was performed in accordance with APISPEC 5L, the residual height of the weld site was selected to be removed or retained, and the fracture from the weld site often occurred. This shows that the strength of ERW steel pipe welds is lower than that of the base metal. There are two reasons for the analysis: First, the strength of the ERW pipe weld joint is lower than that of the base metal part; and second, the scraping on the inner surface of the steel pipe during the removal of the burr in the weld seam. Grooves or residual burrs cause stress concentration due to unreasonable transitions between the weld site and the base metal, so that the overall structural strength of the weld seam is lower than that of the base material. Therefore, the transition shape of the weld site of the ERW pipe and the base metal should be optimized to ensure the overall quality of the steel pipe. The hydraulic pressure test is not necessarily 1.5 times the design pressure. Detailed reference may be made to the GB50235-2011 Industrial Metal Pipeline Engineering Construction Specification or the TSG-D0001 Pressure Pipeline Safety Technology Supervision Regulations - Pressure Pipeline Standards.

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