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How does the spiral steel pipe perform the welding operation?

Spiral steel pipe its production process is relatively simple, not only the production efficiency is relatively high, the production of low cost, so the spiral pipe in many industries have developed, then the use of spiral steel pipe, how should the welding operation, small To speak to friends say, before the use of spiral steel pipe is to use deoxidizer for deoxidation work, so that the spiral pipe in the course of the operation will reduce the number of debris and size, to know the spiral pipe is through High-frequency welding will be a certain size of the strip steel strip directly welded into steel pipe, the shape of the steel pipe can be round, it can be square, spiral pipe high-frequency welding is based on electromagnetic induction and AC charge in the conductor Eddy current thermal effect, so that the edge of the weld heated to the molten state, so that welding, not only the appearance of beautiful, welding mechanical properties is also better.Finally, the industrial chiller agent said, spiral steel pipe cooling will form a solid docking Welds

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