How to choose the medium of quenching and cooling of seamless steel pipe

The use of water-based single-media or martensite isothermal quenching oil quenching can make seamless steel pipe to obtain excellent performance, and significantly reduce the quenching distortion and cracking tendency. Polymer water-soluble quenching agent should be in accordance with the hardenability of steel, the workpiece quality, shape and technical performance requirements of the workpiece as a reasonable choice. The martensite isothermal quenching oil is suitable for quenching and cooling of medium and high hardenability large diameter seamless steel pipe. It can be used for quenching tank in open tank, closed tank or sealed box furnace.
In general, the microstructure and properties of large-diameter seamless steel tubes after heat treatment mainly depend on the quenching and cooling of large-diameter seamless steel tubes. In the meantime, quenching can lead to distortion and even cracking of steel parts. Therefore, quenching and cooling of steel is the key process of heat treatment. With the development of low-carbon economy, in today's vigorous promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction and the development of green heat treatment, the quenching and cooling of seamless steel pipe is getting more and more attention. Large diameter seamless steel pipe quenching medium is the most commonly used quenching oil and water-based quenching agent

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