How to choose the right spiral steel pipe

High-quality steel can make the construction more efficient, high-quality spiral steel pipe is relatively uniform internal components, low-quality spiral steel pipe cut the end face, there will be uneven and burr phenomenon, then we choose to buy spiral steel pipe, the How to choose it, Xiao Bian to give friends say, first of all from the surface of the steel pipe to see whether the rigidity of the manufacturing process, in general, good steel pipe in the production is more serious, there will be no flaws . You can also gently tap the spiral steel pipe, the sound is very brittle, indicating that the spiral pipe is the latest production, rather than the recycling of waste steel. General shoddy spiral steel pipe because there is no traffic, so the packaging is relatively loose, the side is also Oval-shaped, the main reason for the oval-shaped or manufacturers in order to save processing materials, to know the quality of high-quality spiral steel pipe is relatively uniform, cut the end of the surface is relatively smooth and tidy, so that we can take a small amount of spiral steel pipe samples , The use of cutting machine for cutting, to see whether the cross-section is smooth and tidy, this method is better to identify spiral steel of.

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