How to control the quality of double-sided submerged arc welded pipe

1, steel forming process, steel deformation, residual stress is small, the surface does not produce scratches. Processed steel pipe in the diameter and wall thickness of steel pipe size specifications range, greater flexibility, especially in the production of high steel grade thick-walled steel pipe, especially large diameter thick-walled pipe with other processes have unmatched advantages that meet Users in the pipe specifications more requirements;
2, the use of pre-welding after welding (welding) process, can be achieved in the best location of the welding, not prone to wrong side, partial welding and incomplete penetration defects, easy to control the quality of welding;
3, the overall mechanical expansion, which can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of steel pipe, and improve the distribution of stress in the steel pipe, so as to avoid damage caused by stress corrosion, and is conducive to the site of the welding construction;
4, 9 of the steel pipe 100% of the quality inspection, so that the whole process of steel production are under effective detection and monitoring, effectively ensuring the quality of double-sided submerged-arc welded steel pipe;
5, the entire production line with all the equipment and computer data acquisition system networking capabilities to achieve real-time data transmission, from the central control room of the production process of technical parameters and quality indicators mining quality

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