How to distinguish the steel grade of thick - walled spiral steel pipe

In the gas pipeline pressure ratio is also a gradual decline in the trend. For the diameter, pressure, pressure ratio are required to optimize the calculation and comparison. When the input to determine, by optimizing the diameter, pressure, pressure ratio, such as the choice of higher pressure and steel strength level is too low, it will cause the wall thickness is too large, which to the pipe, on-site welding and transportation, Difficult, or even difficult to achieve.
Now the fluid pipeline more choice of thick-walled spiral pipe, pipeline media delivery pressure in recent years gradually increased in the gas pipeline is particularly evident. This is because in a certain range to improve the transmission pressure will increase the economic benefits to the gas pipeline pipeline, for example, in the constant volume of the input conditions, with the increase in the pressure of the increase in gas density and flow rate decreases, so that the friction Resistance drop.
The demand for production has contributed to the improvement of steel grades. The so-called pressure ratio refers to the station pressure and outbound pressure ratio, pressure ratio means that the whole line are running under high pressure, which can also reduce energy consumption. Early pressure of 1.6, then down to 1.4, in recent years, some foreign gas pipeline pressure ratio of 1.25. Of course, the pressure ratio is reduced, the number of compressor stations will increase, and the investment will increase.

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