How to extend the life of the coil pipe

How to extend the life of spiral steel pipe, let us talk about the life of the spiral pipe to extend the problem of it, in fact, to extend the life of the spiral pipe is very simple, then the first point, we need to do anti-corrosion work can, because both directly stored outdoors or indoors are the same, we can better experience the wind, rain difference, and now the sun is very easy to directly rusty, this time will be directly affected by a lot of We can improve the anti-corrosion products after the treatment, but also can improve the corrosion resistance of the user pipe faster, which can be faster to enhance the smoothness of the pipe because the above article which we introduced the spiral of production problems, so this time we are going to introduce it before they can deal with the problem, it needs to deal with large-diameter pipe, which is to increase the pressure of the thick-walled tube. the thickness of the tube is half wall. in addition to the above points can extend the life of the outer spiral, in addition to daily use pay attention to maintenance work in the production process, we must go to make the appropriate maintenance operations So it will not have any problem.

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