How to prevent the fracture of seamless steel pipe

Domestic high-precision seamless steel pipe generally increases the performance of the material by adding an alloy in the metal. After cold drawing, the seamless steel pipe needs to undergo stress relief annealing to eliminate the residual stress of the material, improve the structure of the material and improve the material Plasticity, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing the occurrence of failure of seamless steel pipe.
At present, China's stainless steel seamless pipe material are ordinary 45 # or 20 # steel 27SiMn steel, cold drawn deformation through the metal strength; However, it is at the expense of metal plasticity, toughness for the price. High-precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe is based on its high dimensional accuracy and high strength performance and based on the market, it must ensure that the deformation in a certain range, in order to maximize the performance of materials to reduce the material Negative Effects.
Seamless steel tube deformation is too small, can not meet the requirements of surface finish and dimensional accuracy, and can not reach the component strength indicators; deformation is too large, seamless steel pipe plasticity, toughness decreased too much, and, the grain is pulled too slender , Formed a fibrous tissue, the metal will have significant anisotropy. Cold-drawn seamless steel tubes in the axial direction, parallel to the direction of elongation of the grains, the strength increased; radial drawing seamless steel tubes, perpendicular to the direction of elongation of the grains, the strength but lower, and the maximum hydraulic cylinder stress Exist in the radial direction of seamless steel pipe, so too much deformation on the full performance of cold-drawn tube adverse.

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