LSAW steel pipe forming method

LSAW steel pipe is a professional expression term for LSAW steel pipe. The LSAW steel pipe is produced from a single medium-thick plate as a raw material, and the steel plate is pressed (rolled) into a tube blank in a mold or a molding machine, and the double-sided submerged arc welding method is used to expand the diameter. Its finished product has a wide range of specifications. The toughness, plasticity, uniformity and compactness of the weld seam are good. It has the advantages of large diameter, thick wall thickness, high pressure resistance, low temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance. When building high-strength, high-quality long-distance oil and gas pipelines, most of the required steel pipes are large-diameter thick-walled LSAW pipes. According to API standards, LSAW pipe is the only designated type of pipe to be used in large-scale oil and gas transmission pipelines when passing through Class 1 or Class 2 areas such as the alpine zone, submarine, and densely populated urban areas.
According to different molding methods, they can be divided into:
UOE steel pipe: single steel plate after the edge of pre-bending, after U molding, O molding, internal welding, welding, mechanical cold expansion path and other processes.
JCOE steel pipe: According to the "J-C-O-E" pre-welding, forming, welding and cold expansion path and other processes.
HME steel pipe: It is formed by the "C-C-O" method of the mandrel rolling method, and the process of cold expansion after welding.

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