Numerical comparison of the surface of straight seam steel pipe and seamless pipe production process

First, straight seam steel pipe production welding process for high-frequency welding and submerged arc welding two processes.
1. Straight seam steel pipe high frequency welding process:
According to the high-frequency current heat generated in the workpiece can be divided into contact high-frequency welding and induction high-frequency welding. In contact with high-frequency welding, high-frequency currents are introduced into the workpiece by mechanical contact with the workpiece. In induction high-frequency welding, high-frequency currents induce currents in the workpiece through the coupling effect of the workpiece's external induction coil. High-frequency welding is a more specialized welding method. It is equipped with special equipment according to the product. High productivity, welding speed up to 30m/min. This means that the weld seam is parallel to the surface of the steel pipe and does not rise above or below the surface of the steel pipe.
2. Straight seam pipe submerged arc welding process is:
Submerged arc welding is also a welding method using an arc as a heat source. In submerged arc welding, the arc is covered with a layer of granular meltable flux and the arc light is not exposed. Submerged arc welding thus gets its name. The metal electrodes used are bare wires that are fed continuously. Because submerged arc welding has a large depth of penetration, high productivity, and a high degree of mechanical operation, it is suitable for welding long welds in medium-thick plate structures. It is widely used in shipbuilding, boilers and pressure vessels, bridges, overweight machinery, nuclear power plant structures, marine structures, and weapons, and is one of the most commonly used welding methods in welding production today.
The above process difference also indicates that the submerged arc welding seam will be higher than the surface of the steel pipe, and the weld seam strength is much higher than the high frequency welding process. (Henan North Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing such large diameter thick-walled straight seam pipe.)
Second, the seamless steel pipe production process is:
Seamless steel tube: round tube → heating → piercing → start → annealing → pickling → oil coating (copper plating) → multi-pass cold drawing (cold rolling) → blank tube → heat treatment → straightening → hydrostatic test (detection )→Marks→Inbound. This means that the seamless steel pipe does not have the strength performance of the weld seam, and the seamless steel pipe is a production process in which the round steel piercing is formed once. However, the flaws in seamless steel tubes exist with his production process.
The state-of-the-art seamless steel pipe production process will also present the situation of the partial wall of the steel pipe. However, the straight seam steel pipe is produced after the flat steel plate or the coil plate is cut to produce no partial wall phenomenon. Partial wall phenomenon will cause part of the steel tube body to be uneven, which can easily produce partial rupture phenomena. The straight seam steel pipe is evenly loaded.

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