Precision steel pipe and seamless steel pipe difference

The difference between precision steel pipe and seamless steel pipe 1, the main feature of seamless steel pipe is welded joints, can withstand greater pressure. The product can be very rough as cast or cold parts.
2, precision steel pipe is the product in recent years, mainly the hole, the outer wall size has strict tolerances and roughness.
Cold drawn precision steel pipe features: 1). Smaller diameter. 2). High precision can be done in small quantities. 3). Cold drawn products with high precision, good surface quality. 4). The cross section of steel pipe is more complicated. 5). Steel pipe performance is superior, the metal is relatively dense.
Hot rolled precision steel pipe after the difference
Hot-rolled precision steel pipe with continuous casting round billet or slab as raw material, heated by step heating furnace, high pressure water descaling into the rough rolling mill, roughing by cutting head, tail, and then into the finishing mill , The implementation of computer-controlled rolling, after rolling through laminar cooling and coiling machine coiling, a straight hair volume. Straight hair volume of the head and tail are often tongue-shaped and fish-like, thickness, width accuracy is poor, the edge often exist wave shape, folding, tower and other defects. Its weight heavier, coil diameter 760mm. Will be straight hair volume by cutting head, cut tail, trimming and multi-pass straightening, leveling and other finishing line treatment, and then cut or re-roll, that is: hot-rolled steel, flat hot rolled coil, vertical Cutting and other products. Hot rolled finishing volume if the pickling to remove the scale and oil after the hot rolling pickling plate.

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