Production advantages of spiral steel pipe

In the industry in the manufacturing industry, people often see the use of spiral steel pipe, and because the spiral steel pipe production process technology is relatively good, so the use of the spiral pipe is also relatively wide range, then this spiral steel pipe which are what First of all, the spiral steel pipe in the molding, the deformation of the steel plate is very uniform, and the residual stress is relatively small, in the use of its surface is also the same time, Will not be easily scratched.Second, the spiral pipe in the processing, the diameter and size of the range is relatively large, which can also meet the different needs of customers, and has greater flexibility. Another zinc steel fence production Manufacturers in this also and we say that, because the spiral pipe with double-sided submerged arc production process technology, so when used to achieve the best position welding, not prone to edge error phenomenon, and thus ensure that The quality of welding and product quality.

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