Spiral pipe production process

Is a strip coil as raw material, often temperature extrusion molding, automatic double wire double-sided submerged arc welding process from the spiral seam steel pipe.
(1) with steel head and tail docking, the use of single or double wire submerged arc welding, rolled into steel pipe after the use of automatic submerged arc welding.
(2) before forming, the strip through the leveling, cutting edge, planing edge, surface cleaning and delivery to the edge of the treatment.
(3) the use of weld gap control device to ensure that the weld gap to meet the welding requirements, diameter, misalignment and weld gap are strictly controlled.
(4) cut into a single steel pipe, the first three batches of steel pipe to carry out a strict first inspection system, check the weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, melting conditions, steel pipe surface quality and after nondestructive testing to ensure that the pipe process Qualified before they can be put into production.
(5) the seam on the seam with continuous acoustic flaw marks, after manual ultrasound and X-ray review, if there are defects, after repair, again after the non-destructive testing, until the defect has been confirmed to eliminate.
Characteristics of spiral pipe and its standard classification
(SY5037-83), the use of double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-sided welding made of water for the water, the use of double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-sided welding method for the production of water, , Gas, air and steam and other general low-pressure fluid transmission with submerged arc welded steel pipe. (SY5036-83) is mainly used for conveying oil and natural gas pipeline; high pressure welded steel pipe (SY5038-83) for pressurized fluid transportation, high frequency lap welding method (SY5038-83) Welded, high pressure welded steel pipe for pressurized fluid delivery.
The spiral tube is compared with the same length of the straight pipe. High production efficiency, low cost, faster growth. The strength of the spiral tube is higher than that of the straight pipe, and the pipe with larger diameter can be produced with the narrow billet. It is also possible to produce the pipe with different diameter with the same width. Therefore, the smaller diameter of the pipe are mostly used straight seam welding, large diameter welded pipe is mostly used spiral welding. The main stress of the straight pipe is perpendicular to the resistance of the pipe to the lowest resistance, while the spiral pipe is staggered with the lowest anti-attack ability of the pipe, so that the upper circumference of the spiral pipe is turned into an advantage.
This kind of foot is a kind of vernier caliper which has specially marked the diameter of the external thread and the diameter of the inner thread extension hole. The most effective way to identify the spiral pipe thread is to manipulate the rule. Simple, intuitive and correct. In addition, you can also directly manipulate the long foot vernier caliper connection steel ruler to measure the external thread root diameter, length, internal thread extension cone diameter control thread scale.

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