Stainless steel pipe commonly used in the production process

There are many types of stainless steel pipe, these different types of products using the production process there is a certain difference. Spiral steel pipe manufacturer's staff to share some of its commonly used production process. (1) Pickling passivation, this treatment Can be formed on the inner and outer walls of the pipe layer of dense, hard passivation film. The passivation film can play a very good protection of stainless steel tube to prevent its corrosion. (1) bright solidification, Or after the welding process needs to go through the 1500 degrees Celsius high temperature solution treatment, so that small tree pipe due to deformation caused by internal stress, reduce stress corrosion, and may be in the process of pipe welding intergranular changes in recovery. (3) gas protection welding, sesame oil production industry experts to tell you that the heat of the heat treatment of the heat to the heat of the carbide to better dissolve in the austenite to avoid the adverse effects of austenitic stainless steel. , In the welding process using gas shielded welding to avoid the welding position of the metal surface oxidation, better to ensure its corrosion resistance.

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