Straight seam double-sided submerged arc welded pipe

Straight seam double-sided submerged arc welding pipe main production process Description:
1. Board exploration: Used to manufacture large diameter submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe into the production line, the first full-board ultrasonic inspection;
2. Milling: Milling machine for both sides of the plate through the double-sided milling, so as to achieve the required width, edge parallelism and groove shape;
3. Pre-crimp: The use of pre-bending machines for pre-bending the plate edge to meet the requirements of the curvature;
4. Molding: In the JCO machine first half of the pre-bent steel plate after several step stamping, pressed into a "J" shape, and then the other half of the same curved plate, pressed into a "C" shape, and finally the formation of openings The "O" shape
5. Pre-welding: After forming the straight seam welded steel seam and the use of gas shielded welding (MAG) for continuous welding;
6. Internal welding: using longitudinal multi-wire submerged arc welding (up to four wires) welded straight seam pipe;
7. External welding: the use of longitudinal multi-wire submerged arc welding in the LSAW pipe welding;
8. Ultrasonic testing Ⅰ: 100% inspections of the base metal on both sides of the straight seam welded steel pipe inside and outside the weld and weld;
X-ray inspection Ⅰ: Internal and external weld 100% X-ray industrial television inspection, the use of image processing system to ensure the sensitivity of testing;
10. Expanded: submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe to expand the full-length to improve the dimensional accuracy of steel pipe and improve the distribution of stress within the steel pipe;
11.Hydraulic pressure test: On the hydraulic pressure testing machine, expand the diameter of the steel pipe after each test to ensure that the steel pipe to the standard requirements of the test pressure, the machine has automatic recording and storage functions;
12. Chamfering: the steel pipe after the test tube end processing to achieve the required pipe end bevel size;
13. Ultrasonic testing Ⅱ: Ultrasonic testing again root by root to check the straight seam welded steel pipe in the expanded diameter, the possible pressure defects;
14. X-ray inspection II: X-ray industrial television inspection and pipe-end weld filming of steel pipes after expanded diameter and hydraulic pressure test;
15. Tube Magnetic Particle Inspection: Perform this inspection to detect tube end defects;
16. Anticorrosion and Coating: After passing the steel pipe according to user requirements for corrosion and coating.

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