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Surface cleaning process for high frequency straight seam steel tubes

High-frequency straight seam steel pipe in the production process will inevitably be contaminated with grease. In the open storage process will inevitably rust, then how do we do straight surface steel pipe to clean it? We first have to go out on the surface of the oil, this is very simple pickling or solvent can be dissolved, mainly how we give straight steel pipe rust, what way to achieve the best way to rust. According to my company's many years of experience, in terms of sandblasting and rusting (throwing rust) is the fastest, the highest level of derusting derusting method, it first through the click to promote the use of steel sand and wire to spray steel pipe The Through the high-speed jet can make the surface of steel pipe rust level almost white. The rust removal rate of the blasting is mainly determined by the type and displacement of the abrasive.

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