The choice of LSAW steel pipe

(1) For pipelines with high requirement for peak regulation, due to the uneven gas consumption of users and the frequent fluctuation of pipeline pressure, the alternating stress that steel pipe is subjected to is large. Existing defects in pipe materials will expand under alternating stress. If Selection of weld, defect probability of spiral welded steel pipe, the safe operation of the pipeline will not be guaranteed.
(2) Pipeline passes through the seismic fault zone or through the local high-intensity seismic area. Due to the frequent geological activities in these areas, longitudinal or axial alternating stress will be generated on the pipeline. Under the long-term stress, the probability of accidental spiral welded steel pipe is much higher than that of LSAW steel pipe. Therefore, in this zone, the straight Submerged arc welded pipe.
(3) For pipes with high requirements for inner and outer coating, LSAW steel pipes shall be adopted. Spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe weld more than the height of the weld seam than the vertical submerged arc welded pipe, the steel pipe for internal and external corrosion, corrosion resistance and bare metal pipe joints than the LSAW pipe close, Anticorrosion effect is not straight seam submerged arc welded pipe is good.
(4) For the important wear across the project, should use LSAW steel pipe. As the future maintenance and management are more difficult than the general line section, therefore, the use of excellent performance LSAW pipe is particularly necessary.
(5) For the pipeline of weak links, such as hot simmer elbow pipe, should be used LSAW steel pipe. Hot simmer elbow due to changes in direction, the internal and external force than its normal line straight pipe to large, due to various factors in the simmering process, the stress is not easy to eliminate, is the weak link in the long-distance pipeline , Using a good overall performance of LSAW steel tube can make up for these deficiencies.

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