The connection of fluid seamless pipe and thick wall seamless pipe

The so-called fluid seamless pipe and thick-walled seamless pipe, fluid seamless pipe production process: round tube - heating - perforation - three roll inclined rolling, rolling or extrusion - Diameter - cooling - billet - straightening - water pressure test - marking - storage. Fluid seamless pipe because of its relatively low cost, and high strength, in modern social fluid transport have to play a wider range of applications.

Fluid seamless pipe according to its use conditions and the actual construction conditions can be the surface of the anti-corrosion and insulation treatment, the length of the fluid seamless tube can be produced according to customer needs, the general length is between 6 meters to 12 meters , The export of steel pipe within 6 meters, the export of fluid seamless pipe but also for groove, paint, plus the cap.

After the wall seamless steel pipe production is divided into cold drawing and hot rolling, material analysis of ordinary pipe, alloy pipe, according to the use of structural seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe for transportation, boiler seamless steel pipe, boiler with high pressure seamless Steel pipe and so on. Thick-walled seamless pipe for the main mechanical processing, coal, hydraulic steel and other purposes. Here we look at the relevant theoretical calculation of thick-walled seamless pipe formula and its tensile strength of the relevant expression, as shown in the table below.

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