The method of judging the quality of spiral steel pipe

The quality of the spiral steel pipe will have a great impact on the use of consumers, so in the choice of time we need to judge its quality, then determine the quality of spiral steel pipe when there are simple and effective way to observe the surface quality . Poor quality of the surface of the spiral steel pipe is relatively poor, there is pitting, knots, not smooth and other issues.Second we have to pay attention to whether the observation surface surface scratches. Cracks. If the above phenomenon shows that the spiral pipe is poor . In the observation of the time we also need to pay attention to the color of the spiral steel, for the light red or similar to the color of the spiral steel pipe weapons can not choose a good spiral steel pipe needs a metallic luster. Test transformer manufacturers staff told you, Spiral steel pipe cross section of the inspection can also help to judge its quality, high-quality spiral steel pipe cross section is relatively neat, and poor quality products because of material reasons in the cut when the phenomenon of falling meat, so it is uneven.

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