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Thick - walled spiral steel pipe

Thick pipe spiral pipe production control is the first to improve the plastic duct toughness, improve the cleanliness of molten steel to reduce the harmful inclusion, improve the overall quality of steel. In the production process using a reasonable cooling system to avoid internal cracks, from a variety of ways to improve the quality of steel.
Spiral steel pipe in the production process to control the heating temperature, by measuring the thermoplastic curve, select the best heating temperature. Tube heating should also pay attention to have enough insulation time to reduce the deformation resistance and improve the toughness of the 45 # structure thick-walled spiral pipe.
The production process of the spiral steel pipe requires more procedures. The last step is to reduce the roll speed. The roll speed is the key parameter of the piercing process. There is a critical roll speed that begins to appear in the process of the roll speed from low to high. When the roll speed is low, the tube is easy to form the cavity; when the roll speed is high, the tube and the 45 # structure spiral pipe are easy to form the stratification defect. In order to eliminate the defects of the tube and the 45 # structure of the spiral steel pipe, the roll speed should be reduced to the beginning of the stratum below the critical roll speed.

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