Thick-walled seamless steel pipe uses and manufacturing processes

Thick-walled seamless steel pipe uses are: the pipe diameter and wall thickness ratio of less than 20 known as the thick-walled steel pipe. Mainly used for petroleum geological drilling pipe, petrochemical cracking pipe, boiler tubes, bearing tubes and automotive, tractors, aviation and other high-precision structural tubes.
Know the use of thick-walled seamless steel pipe After a look at how thick-walled seamless steel pipe is made?
Seamless steel pipe manufacturing process 1 hot-rolled (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube → heating → perforated → three-roll oblique rolling, rolling or extrusion → take off → sizing (or reducing) → cooling → Straightening → hydrostatic test (or testing) → mark → storage
Rolled seamless pipe raw material is round tube, circular tube embryo to cut through the cutting machine into a length of about 1 meter blank, and sent to the furnace by the conveyor belt heating. Billet was sent to the furnace heating, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. Furnace temperature control is a key issue. After the tube is baked through the pressure piercing punch. Generally more common piercing machine is a conical roller piercing machine. This piercing machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, good product quality, large amount of perforation expansion, and can wear many kinds of steel.
After perforating, the round tube has been three-roll oblique rolling, rolling or extrusion. After extrusion to take off the tube sizing. Sizing machine through the cone bit high-speed rotation into the steel embryo drilling, the formation of steel. The inner diameter of the pipe is determined by the outer diameter of the sizing drill bit. After the diameter of steel pipe, into the cooling tower, through the spray cooling, steel cooling, it will be straightened.
Steel straightening by the conveyor belt to the metal detector (or water pressure test) for internal testing. If there are cracks inside the steel pipe, bubbles and other issues, will be detected. Pipe quality inspection but also through a rigorous manual selection. After the quality control of steel pipe, the paint sprayed on the number, size, production lot number and so on. And by the crane hanging into the warehouse.

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