What are the characteristics of ultrasonic testing and X-ray inspection in spiral steel pipe production?

X-ray detection machine penetration capacity depends on the X-ray flaw detector capacity, both X-ray flaw detector tube voltage, the higher the tube voltage, X-ray more hard, the greater the energy, the stronger the penetration ability, penetration And the square of the voltage is proportional to the voltage.
In addition, at the same tube voltage, it is also related to the density of the material to be inspected, that is, the ability of the workpiece to be tested for the attenuation of the X-ray. For iron and other heavy-duty steel pipe and thick workpiece, because of its strong ability to X-ray attenuation, it should choose a higher tube voltage X-ray detection machine; and for aluminum, magnesium and other light spiral steel pipe and thinner , You can choose the tube voltage lower X-ray detection machine.
The X-ray detection shows that the image is the plane projection of the weld area. The sensitivity of the X-ray detection depends on the area of ​​the defect (the projected projection area) and its depth in the area (determining the contrast between the defect and the normal weld).
Volume defects in all directions are a certain size, X-ray inspection for the volume type defect detection sensitivity is high. X-ray detection is sensitive and intuitive for a certain volume of defects such as pores, inclusions, etc. However, linear defects (such as cracks, impermeable, unmelted, etc.) tend to be only dimensioned in one direction, using X-ray More difficult.
Ultrasonic transmission loss in solid is very small, the detection depth is large, because the ultrasonic wave in the heterogeneous interface will occur reflection, refraction and other phenomena, in particular, can not pass through the gas solid interface. If the spiral steel pipe material in the pores, cracks, delamination and other defects (defects in the gas) or inclusions, ultrasonic waves spread to the interface between the spiral pipe and the defect, it will be all or part of the reflection. Reflected ultrasonic waves are received by the probe, through the internal circuit of the instrument processing, the instrument screen will show a different height and a certain pitch waveform. The depth, position and shape of the defect in the workpiece can be judged according to the variation characteristics of the waveform.
Ultrasonic detection is the principle of using acoustic reflection. Defect detection depends on the difference between the defect and the defect at the defect, the surface roughness of the defect, the size of the defect and the vertical degree of the defect and the main beam.
In particular, ultrasonic automatic flaw detection has a high detection sensitivity for continuous defects, such as cracks, unsolicited, unmelted, and the like, which are not only in one direction, but for volume defects, especially when the defective surface is irregular , Such as the irregular surface of the inclusions and small dense stomata and other defects in the detection sensitivity is affected, the use of ultrasonic detection is difficult.
The advantages of ultrasonic flaw detection is large thickness, high sensitivity, fast speed, low cost, harmless to human body, can locate and quantify defects. Ultrasonic flaw detection is not intuitive, flaw detection technology is difficult, vulnerable to subjective and objective factors, and the detection results are not easy to save, ultrasonic testing on the surface requirements of smooth, requiring experienced test personnel to identify the type of defects, suitable for thickness Larger parts of the inspection, so that ultrasonic testing also has its limitations.

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