What is thick-walled steel pipe and use?

Thick-walled steel pipe, the pipe diameter and wall thickness ratio of less than 20 is called thick-walled steel pipe. Mainly used for petroleum geological drilling pipe, petrochemical used in cracking pipe, boiler tubes, bearing tubes and automotive, tractors, aviation with high-precision structural tubes.
Thick-walled steel pipe
The biggest difference between thick-walled steel pipe and thin-walled steel pipe is the thickness of steel pipe wall, in general, thin-walled steel pipe are cold drawing technology, and thick-walled steel pipe commonly used hot rolling technology, if it is used to distinguish between units, Generally believed that the wall thickness / diameter equal to 0.02 is the thick-walled steel and thin-walled steel watershed, wall thickness / diameter less than 0.02 is thin-walled steel pipe, pipe is larger than thick-walled, in use, the thin-walled steel pipe On the pipeline. Thick-walled steel pipe and more used in the blank parts. Pressure and the use of important pipelines.
Thick-walled steel pipe is mainly used in tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. For liquid delivery: water supply, drainage. For gas delivery: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For structural purposes: for piling pipe, as a bridge; pier, road, building structure with the tube.

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