3PP Coated Steel Pipe

Length: Per customer requirement


Long distance water transportation, petroleum and gas transmission and chemical industry


Steel pipes for pipeline, thermal equipment steel pipe, mechanical steel pipe, petroleum and gas pipeline, drilling pipe, chemical industry pipeline, special purpose pipe, etc.

Standard and Steel Grade:

AWWA C203: Coal-Tar protective coating and lining for steel water pipelines

AWWA C205: Cement mortar protective lining and coating for steel water pipe

AWWA C210: Liquid-Epoxy Coating system for interior and exterior of steel water pipeline

AWWA C213: Fusion-Bounded Epoxy coating for interior and exterior of steel water pipeline


3PE Coating steel pipe

3PP Coating steel pipe

Bitument Coating steel pipe

Cement coating steel pipe

Epoxy lining steel pipe

FBE Coating steel pipe

Zinc coating steel pipe

Non-toxic epoxy water pipe

Polyurethane coating steel pipe