AS1163 Сварная стальная труба от Xinyue Steel в Австралию

Написано Анной:Австралия

Товар: Welded steel pipe

Написано Анной:AS1163C350L0/EN10219S355JOH

Написано Анной:273mm-711mm

Заявление:производство стали

Написано Анной:2022-5-12

Написано Анной:2022-6-30

Написано Анной:2022-10-28

SMLS STEEL PIPE Стандарт и материал:2022-12-15

This customer is from Australian, it is trading customer with a long cooperation-ship for 5 годы. It is required welded pipe again for this time covering specification of diameter of 273mm-711mm.

The customer introduced that the purpose of this batch of steel pipes is to process them into steel structures after arrival, so the inquiry specifications are very miscellaneous, especially there are many kinds of lengths, ranging from 5.6M, 9M, 8.6M to 12M,

Кроме того, since the steel pipes need to be galvanized after arrival, the customer specially requires that the SI content should not exceed 0.22, which is more strict than the conventional standard requirements. Customer needs are our goal,

Based on our tacit understanding of cooperation, at the first time we asked the technical team to study all the requirements of the customer, highlight the steel mill to pay attention to the Si content in the ordering materials process. At the first time when the raw materials arrived, we tested all the chemical components internally, strictly controlled them within the standard requirements, and the SI content did not exceed 0.22. We sent the inspection report of the raw materials to the customer for acceptance. The customer confirmed that it was OK, and we were implementing bulk production,

В то же время, during the finished product inspection, we pay special attention to the length of each pipe to ensure that each specification can meet the length required by customers. Наконец-то, we completed the production of large goods and carried out third-party inspection within the delivery date agreed in the contract. The final customer was very satisfied after seeing our third-party inspection report, and immediately paid the balance. We successfully arranged the shipment.

Thinking what customers want and meeting their needs has always been our creed. We firmly believe that only by solving problems for customers can we win more cooperation.

Written by Kelly