Tuyaux et garnitures d'acier au carbone et d'acier inoxydable pour l'usine d'eau

Emplacement du projet:Southeast Asia.

Produit:Carbon steel and stainless steel pipe and fittings

Norme et matériel:Jeanne, ASTM A312/ASTM A358 TP316L

Emplacement du projet:DN15-DN600mm

Usage:Water plant

Norme et matériel:2022.01.21

Norme et matériel:2022.07

Norme et matériel:2022.09

Nom commercial:2022.09

The products are carbon steel and stainless steel pipes and fittings. We received inquiries from customers at the end of January 2022. After the quotation, some details, quantities, and styles were changed in the middle, and a local company was required to act as an agent and provide an agency authorization letter to Clients and terminals go to audit,finalement, through the strict review of the terminal in June, the customer quickly confirmed the order. Since the customer requires the product delivery time to be tight, in order to cooperate with the customer’s project smoothly, we do our best to coordinate the fastest production time and deliver it to the customer.

After the order has been produced and has been strictly inspected and reviewed by the third-party inspection agency designated by the customer and the terminal, the delivery is currently being arranged. The customer also expressed that he was very satisfied with our company’s ability to complete the delivery on time and looked forward to more cooperation in the future.

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