Sample quality will win bulk order

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:Italy

پيداوار:stainless steel elbow

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:ASME B16.9 /SS304 (1.4301)

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:Pipe elbow 45° diameter 40 / Pipe elbow 45° diameter 50

درخواست:internal processing

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:April 6th 2022

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:April 29th 2022

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:July 6th 2022

وڪرو نالو:July 25th 2022

اپريل جي شروعات ۾, we received an active inquiry from an Italian customer. The customer is a scientific research company producing plastic products and needs to purchase a batch of stainless steel pipes and elbows as internal consumption of the company. Due to the first cooperation, the customer hopes that we will send samples for their testing first. Then consider the bulk goods after passing the test.

As the elbow is not standard elbow, we need to create a new mold to produce it. We told the customer that the mold fee needs to be paid in this sample order, which can be deducted in the subsequent bulk orders. The customer readily agreed.

After three weeks of preparation, we have prepared the mold, prepared the elbow sample, performed internal dimension and appearance inspection, and arranged DHL package express delivery to the customer.

في الحال, the elbow samples are under client’s testing, looking forward to the test results, and also looking forward to the customer placing bulk order soon.

Written by Kelly