Stainless Plate Deliver To Turkey

پل جي تعمير سان لاڳاپيل معاون مصنوعات جو ٻيو بيچ ڪاميابي سان فلپائن ۾ پهچي چڪو آهي:اسٽينلیس سٹیل پليٽ آرڊر کان ترڪي پروجيڪٽ آرڊر جي معلومات

پيداوار:Stainless Plate

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:ASTM A240 304L/316L/S32205

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو: WT 8-16MM


Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو: OCT of 2021

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:AUG of 2022

Xinyue تنگ گھيرو ٽوڙيو:SEP of 2022

وڪرو نالو:NOV of 2022

The European customer started cooperation with Xinyue Steel in 2018, and this order is nearly 200 tons of stainless steel plates. Actually, the customer purchased a batch of stainless steel plates from our company at the end of last year. بعد ۾, due to price problems, the customer purchased a batch of stainless steel plates from other suppliers, and the other suppliers gave them unqualified products. ان ڪري, this time the customer asked me to help resupply and deliver the goods within 7 days to meet the delivery requirements of the end customer.

In the process of order preparation, we did prepare the goods for the customer within 7 ڏينهن, but we met the problem of inspection. The terminal required 100% of each board to do PMI test and size identification test. This is a big challenge for our warehouse, because the customer is anxious and we have already packed the package, and the boards will be damaged to different degrees after multiple hoisting.

بهرحال, after many consultations and communication, we still cooperated with the customer to complete the 100% معائنو, and finally all qualified, the terminal customer released the delivery.

Through these two events, we can see that the customer’s quality requirements are very strict, and also show that our products and services are trustworthy.

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