Target Tee livré au Nigeria

Emplacement du projet:Nigeria

Produit:Target Tee

Norme et matériel:ASME B16.9, SCH 140, ASTM A815 WP-S/WX UNS S31803

Emplacement du projet:8inch SCH 140

Usage:Gas transform

Norme et matériel:2023.8

This order comes from a Nigerian customer, who mainly serves as a contractor for Shell, a local oil company. In April this year, we started to establish contact with the customer, through the introduction of the company’s project results, and constantly feedback the Chinese market situation. C'est précisément en raison de sa technologie professionnelle et de sa riche expérience que Tianjin Xinyue a attiré de nombreux nouveaux clients pour coopérer avec Xinyue., we invited the customer to attend the exhibition in Nigeria, and the customer gladly accepted the invitation. At the same time gave the forging seamless tee fittings actual single purchase list and drawings. Although it is a new product for Xinyue people, but Xinyue, with years of deep ploughing pipe fittings market, integrated resources, and timely to the customer’s price plan. After receiving the quotation and technical materials, the customer did not hesitate to believe in Xinyue, signed the contract and arranged the deposit for production. The ordered products were packed and flown to the project site in late August, wishing us a win-win situation with the customer and opening more in-depth co-operation.

Écrit par Suzanne