Thinking what customers want and need

Emplacement du projet:Guyana

Produit:Tuyau d'acier SSAW

Norme et matériel:ASTM A252 GR 2

Emplacement du projet:20Jeanne

Usage:Pieux en acier

Norme et matériel:2022.06.29

Norme et matériel:2022.08.10

Norme et matériel:2022.09.05

Nom commercial:2022.10.20

This contract is the project material purchasing of Xinyue’s long-term cooperative customer. On the day of receiving the inquiry, the customer has emphasized that the delivery date is very important and must be delivered within 2 semaines. In consideration with the actual production situation, Xinyue has recommended customer the suitable wall thickness which can be rolled and delivered faster and reached an agreement.

The payment term for this order is L / C which takes around 7 à 10 working days for customer to issue it. If Xinyue start the production against the LC , the delivery date of the project will be delayed.

Based on the trust of long-term cooperation between both parties and the interests of customers, Xinyue arranged the purchase of raw materials the day after receiving the customer’s contract in order to ensure the delivery on time. Maintenant, the steel pipe is about to be completed and wait for delivery against the arrival of LC.

Écrit par Joanne