Xinyue Steel Support проект нарезки канавок системы пожаротушения

Написано Анной:Австралия


Написано Анной:ASTM A106 GR.B

Написано Анной:DN150 STD

использование:Firefight system project

Написано Анной:2022.4

Написано Анной:2022.6

Написано Анной:2022.7

SMLS STEEL PIPE Стандарт и материал:2022.8

В апреле, Xinyue received an enquiry from a new customer in Australia, a local contractor specializing in pipeline projects. This enquiry is for steel pipe material for fire fighting system project. It requires hot dip galvanizing on the surface and cut grooving on both ends. Сталелитейная группа Xinyue имеет богатый опыт комплексного обслуживания и полную и всестороннюю сеть совместных сервисных партнеров., например, обработка поверхности цинкованием, антикоррозийное покрытие, резка труб, Обрезка концов труб/прокатка канавок и другая обработка изготовления трубопроводов. The customer was provided with a professional quotation from Xinyue Steel at the first time, and the specific competitive price and delivery time were very attractive to the customer, and the good reputation of Xinyue in the local Australia market area also made the customer feel very comfortable to cooperate with us. In June this year, the customer signed the contract with us and paid the advance payment quickly.

В июле, the steel pipe production and hot dipped galvanizing process have been completed as scheduled. В настоящее время, the final process- pipe end cut grooving, is in full swing. Under the cooperation and supervision of Xinyue QA team and TPI, the pipe end grooves of each steel pipe shall be inspected and recorded according to the drawing, and the inspection report of each pipe shall be provided to the customer for records. Xinyue has booked the shipping space of Aug in advance, this cargo will be delivered promptly to the overseas destination after TPI inspected this cargo successfully.

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